As alma begins to teach his sons some deep doctrine of the gospel, reading becomes heavy, but at the pace i am reading it has been such an amazing feeling to really feel like my soul understands more about the nature of God.  who he is and what his plan really is all about.  i would do better to comment on my reading as i go because of the many many times i have been inspired with new realizations.  we are so blessed to have the scriptures so easily accessible to us.  may i propose one very important thing that i have come to believe:  whether or not you choose to read the book of mormon, you are responsible for its contents if you have had the opportunity to study them and have forsaken it. 
    Besides more specific doctrines, i would like to reiterate here the ongoing themes that i have seen in the book of mormon:  obey God's commandments and you shall have eternal life.  the righteous will prosper in the land while the wicked shall perish.  Christ's coming was prophesied of hundreds and thousands of years before he came, and all that was prophesied came to pass.  Christ's mission is to atone for our sins that we may have eternal life should we choose to take advantage of that sacrifice.  the scriptures are kept for a wise purpose in the Lord and prophets have been commanded to write the things of God throughout all history.
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