To start my New Year's Blog about the Book of Mormon i feel it appropriate to document my feelings on Jesus Christ.  it's rather difficult to put into words.  Nick and i were having a conversation about this on christmas eve and i wish i'd just written everything i said at that time.  i will just have to do my best, i guess. :)
    Many times when i hear accounts of how people feel about Christ they focus on the atonement and the suffering he passed through and how he did it all for us.  The most poignant image i've had of this was when brother lund in "for all eternity" pointed out that when we go through the temple we do saving ordinances for one person at a time, and he felt like as Christ went through gethsemene he suffered one card at a time.  
    For me, though, my feelings about Christ result (maybe inappropriately?) on a time far far after that.  Allow me to try to explain:  When i was born, or even several months  before i was born, my mother worked very very hard to get me here and did her best to make sure i got here safely and healthy.  i can sympathize with this even more now that i've had my own child.  However, this is not why i love my mom.  i love her for everything that came after that.  for the spiritual, emotional and intellectual upbringing.  for the financial support and moral support.  for the understanding and the loving and the hugs and lessons and patience.  she was unwavering in her support of me.  incredible in her tolerance and her determination that i should always know how she loved me and that i would learn right from wrong no matter what.  i love her because she never gave up on me and continues to support me in every way she can and a mother a friend and a mentor.  
    Likewise, I love Christ for what he's been to me:  A brother, a friend, a mentor, he has supported me in my weakest moments.  he's comforted  me in my hardest moments.  he's made it possible for me to follow His path into eternity.  every step i take to follow him bring me blessings, and most steps bring me joy.  there are those which bring sorrow, but who knows light who has not seen the darkness?  while many think the path is hard, (and don't get me wrong, it isn't easy), i find my burdens to be light while i am following and obeying.  as i willingly adhere to the principles i'm so blessed to have been taught i am bouyed up in all things.  Because of Him i have the family i have - wonderful parents, siblings, a loving and doting husband and an amazing daughter.  How could i deny Him my decipleship when He sacrificed everything to pave my way to Eternal Life?  I know He lives.  He is MY savior, He is MY redeemer, He is MY brother and MY friend.  He is everything every prophet said He is and would be, and everything He Himself said he is and would be.  I owe him my life, all my material and spiritual blessings, and my allegiance for eternity.  That is my testimony of Christ and I share it with everyone in His Name, amen.

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