So the Book of Mormon has ended and began again.  I've never read it this quickly before.  This time through I'm trying to focus on references to Christ as well as saving doctrines.  It is again hard to distinguish what should be marked.  It is fascinating to see how complex the book is, though.  I believe that this second time through will be an entirely new experience from the first time.  And the first time was phenomenal.  Even though much of this book is about the wars between to good and the wicked, there are profound truths in every passage.  All scripture is written so that we may learn.  I truly have learned so much and I am so grateful to now be able to testify of the veracity of this work with all conviction.  I've always known it was true in my mind, but now I know it in my soul.  So once again I join up with Nephi as he begins once again to teach us about his family and how one makes and maintains, or breaks, relationships with Christ.

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